Series Editorship


Since 1999 I have served as editor of a book series published by Lexington Books titled "Global Encounters:  Studies in Comparative Political Theory."  In the meantime some 15 volumes have appeared and several others are forthcoming.


Fred Dallmayr, ed., Border Crossings:  Toward a Comparative Political Theory (1999)


William E. Van Vugt and G. Daan Cloete, eds., Race and Reconciliation in South Africa:  A Multicultural Dialogue in Comparative Perspective (2000)


Anthony J. Parel, ed., Gandhi, Freedom, and Self-Rule (2000)


Fred Dallmayr and Jose M. Rosales, eds., Beyond Nationalism?  Sovereignty and Citizenship (2001)


Hwa Yol Jung, ed., Comparative Political Culture in the Age of Globalization:  An Introductory Anthology (2002).


Ananta K. Giri, Conversations and Transformations:  Toward a New Ethics of Self and Society (2002)


Margaret Chatterjee, ed., Hinterlands and Horizons:  Excursions in Search of Amity (2002)


Jennifer S. Holmes, ed., New Approaches to Comparative Politics:  Insights from Political Theory (2003)


Anthony J. Parel & Ronald C. Keith, eds., Comparative Political Philosophy:  Studies under the Upas Tree (2003)


Ramin Jahanbegloo, ed., Iran:  Between Tradition and Modernity (2003)


Susan J. Henders, eds., Democratization and Identity:  Regimes and Ethnicity in East and Southeast Asia (2004)


Chaihark Hahm and Daniel A. Bell, eds., The Politics of Affective Relations:  East Asia and Beyond (2004)


Neve Gordon, eds., From the Margins of Globalization:  Critical Perspectives on Human Rights (2004)


Jesse d'Souza and Valter Sinder, eds., Imagining Brazil (2005)


Muqtedar Khan, ed., Islamic Democratic Discourse (2006)


Fuat Keyman, ed., Remaking Turkey? (2007)


Fred Dallmayr and Abbas Manoocheri, eds., Civilizational Dialogue and Political Thought:  Tehran Papers (2008)


Ismail Yaylaci and Akif Kayapinar, eds., Civilizations and World Orders (2008)