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FRED DALLMAYR is Packey J. Dee Professor in the departments of philosophy and political science at the University of Notre Dame. He holds a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Munich (1955) and a Ph.D. in political science from Duke University (1960).

He has been a visiting professor at Hamburg University in Germany and at the New School for Social Research in New York, and a Fellow at Nuffield College in Oxford. He has been teaching at Notre Dame University since 1978. During 1991-92 he was in India on a Fulbright research grant.

Among his recent publications are: Between Freiburg And Frankfurt (1991); The Other Heidegger (1993); Beyond Orientalism: Essays On Cross-Cultural Encounter (1996; Japanese translation 2001); Alternative Visions: Paths In The Global Village (1998: Persian translation 2005); Achieving Our World: Toward a Global and Plural Democracy (2001); Dialogue Among Civilizations: Some Exemplary Voices (2002; Italian translation forthcoming); Hegel: Modernity And Politics (new ed. 2002); Peace Talks - Who Will Listen (2004); Small Wonder: Global Power and Its Discontents (2005); In Search of the Good Life: A Pedagogy for Troubled Times (2007);The Promise of Democracy: Political Agency and Transformation (2010); Integral Pluralism: Beyond Culture Wars (2010), Comparative Political Theory: An Introduction (2010), Return to Nature? An Ecological Counter-History (2011) Contemporary Chinese Political Thought (with Zhao Tingyang 2012), Being In the World: Dialogue and Cosmopolis (2013), Mindfulness and Letting Be (2014), Taming Leviathan: Toward A Global Ethical Alliance (2014), Freedom and Solidarity: Toward New Beginnings (2015), and Against Apocalypse: Recovering Humanity's Wholeness (2016).

He is a past president of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy (SACP). He is currently the Executive Co-Chair of "World Public Forum - Dialogue of Civilizations" (Vienna) and a member of the Scientific Committee of "RESET - Dialogue on Civilizations" (Rome).